Thursday, 6 April 2017

Nothing new to offer you

Last week or so has been bimbling down to Enniskillen and back. Mostly using moorings we've already been on this year. There was one surprise....a boat was already moored on one of them! First time this year. They didn't overnight so not too bad!

These are the last few days we will have the luxury of the lough to ourselves. Schools breaks up for Easter and the waters, whilst not bring busy, will certainly be busier than they have been up to now. We've gone days and days without seeing anyone out but us and some fishermen.

Usual resupply in Enniskillen and our chicken bought at O'Doherty's. Last week's just did not compare. How we will manage when we head south...... Only for four months  Gulp.

Next week we start to slowly move back down towards the Woodford River. A trip that could be done in three long days but we are taking 12!  We don't like to rush and there are some favourite moorings from last year
The swamp at Castle Archdale

At their best


A bit rough on the way up...what else is new?